Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CANADA-System-And Life...!?

ADAN = Adam ¿¡
AC = ¿¡!?
(Adam = brother of Pres.Hugo Chävez)

I have not determined if history is written or it
just happens...!

I have not determined if you are supposed to
live the life the system determines for you...!
Or the one you can live...!
Or the one you want to live, in what the system
provides, regardless if it is government source
or not...!
The right to live normally somehow in the
system is mine and only mine, and not of
anybody else...!

Others here in Canada seem to know, or try
and impose what is to their "minds" best for

If this were true, things would be most probably
way better for me...!

To be "controled" in some manner, is what I
have been "fighting" all my life...! In side the
weaknesses and limitations "life" has given me,
I suppose...!


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