Monday, December 1, 2008


I happen to be a "true blue blood" Canadian, as the Australians say...! Could it be possible that Canada has lost, or will soon loose, this identity, of being "true blue canadian", due to so many different ethnic immigrants, that seem to run so many things now...!? We can be multicultural, but foreign blood has to be "patriotized(patrio-tazerd...)"...! How is it that a true canadian can not feel at home in his country ???

From which government has "most"canadians received more ? These Conservatives & Harper, or the Old Liberals & NDP ? At least we got "Universal Health Care"from the NDP...! But I do not know about anything else, as I am not that well informed...!
So politics is politics, and those that can win, win...! I hope that those who should not win, do not win...!
Lets see what "procedure" of government establishment, takes place now, as we can not go into and enless electoral "loop". It is already getting "too illogical" enough as it is...!
Particularly I care "two hoots" as to which procedure is implemented, from the Queen down...! As long as we have a "stable(inn)...!", government ...! And that gives the most of "canadians" the "most" so far...!

barry cabeza...!

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