Sunday, November 30, 2008

USAToday blog on Life Issues...!


First of all I do not believe that any God has any will over us...!
I am agnostic though...!

We believe scientifically, that a child cannot decide for
themselves if they are incapacitated to do so...!

Otherwise, the childs life is theirs and of the parents...!
If any extra "cost" is incured, the doctors can be paid for
by the parents or system , otherwise, the child would
have to go and die at home...!

A child and parents can refuse, any operation on themselves,
if they decide so, or a court does, that it be so or not...!

Doctors are only servants...!

The life is of the child, then of the parents, and presiding
the courts if it were necessary...!

This life is not of any God, if you can take it away or let it
be taken away...!

If a doctor takes a decition, it is because he has been
righfully authorized to do so !

Euthanasia, is another matter, I will not entail any discussion
in at the momment...!


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