Tuesday, November 18, 2008


barry cabeza from somewhere-longreach, Canada writes: THE BIG 3.

If they do not unite somehow,
and/or sell off in a big way,
they will not survive,
trying to save their workers,
even if it be a sad truth...!

The cash hole these 3BIG are,
will not be filled up, with a
BILLION a month "package",
if there is not more than that
as income...!

Helping out the Asians, has put
in jeopardy, N. America...!
Or you sell all your american
already made cars to them...!
Or why buy from them...!

Do not make me believe you,
will crucify the N. Americans...!
Free enterprise is one thing,
but lets level the rules in the
playing field...!

As things are going, it is obvious,
the BIG3 are NEARLY "sunken"
"ships"...!, if they aren't already...!


* Posted 18/11/08 at 11:40 PM EST


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