Saturday, November 29, 2008

CANADA's Hate Laws & N. America's

"HATE" Law...!
A hate law against anti-racism statements, or anti-religious statements, is a "too specific" issue in this case. Making it anti freedom of speech, anti-freedom of thought and belief, and anti "maturity" and adulthood. The answer to this kind of anti-hate law, is the kinder saying: "sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never harm you...!".

Particularly I care two hoots, what anybody says of me, or says to me...! You respond words with words. Difamation, or dis-respect, is also a "childish" law, for the rich to endulge in "court"...!

If you do not know to command respect, do not expect the courts to do so...!

In other words when are we going to "grow up"...!?

The weakness of somebody is manifest, in what can be said to them and what can not...!

Now if "actions" of somebody do harm you, your life, and what your free will and endeavour, wants to achieve, ...that is more harmfull than laws protect or are supposed to...!

What is worse, if you believe what somebody says about something or somebody else, without personal proof, or talking personally with that person, your opinions are then easily made croocked...!

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