Thursday, November 20, 2008

"SERIOUS & Strong SCIENCE...!"


Activists line up to testify on science standards
By APRIL CASTRO Associated Press Writer

"[[...AUSTIN — The debate on how to teach evolution in science classrooms heated up in Texas on Wednesday as the State Board of Education listened to public comments on proposed revisions to the state's science curriculum.

The current curriculum requires students be taught the "strengths and weaknesses" of all scientific theories, wording that some say has been used to undermine the theory of evolution

"Scientific theories are strong. They don't have weaknesses," Steven Schafersman, president of the advocacy group Texas Citizens for Science, told the board.

Gathered outside the board meeting, critics complained that talking of weaknesses and limitations of evolution allows for religion-based concepts like creationism and intelligent design to enter classroom instruction.

In order to educate the next generation "with the best science around ... we must listen, not to a few political advocates, but we must listen to the consensus of most scientists from here and around the world," said Arturo De Lozanne, an associate professor of biology at the University of Texas at Austin. "If we do not maintain high science standards in our schools we risk losing our scientific and technological edge."]]"

Be it notorious to all, I am no advocate and defender of "Intelligent" Design, nor Creationism, as such, nor any Religion. I am supporter of pure logic and all logic, and thus is stated in my Book of Pure Logic. And of the necessity to teach other theories of Origins, but that is in my copyright of my book of analysis, and the terminology used.

P.S.: Be it notorious the use of quotations on "INTELLIGENT"...!


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