Friday, November 21, 2008

HUMAN Brain & COMPUTERS as of YEAR 2008

IBM to build brain-like computers
By Jason Palmer
Science and technology reporter, BBC News

"[[IBM has announced it will lead a US government-funded collaboration to make electronic circuits that mimic brains.
"The mind has an amazing ability to integrate ambiguous information across the senses, and it can effortlessly create the categories of time, space, object, and interrelationship from the sensory data," says Dharmendra Modha, the IBM scientist who is heading the collaboration.
"There are no computers that can even remotely approach the remarkable feats the mind performs," he said.
"The key idea of cognitive computing is to engineer mind-like intelligent machines by reverse engineering the structure, dynamics, function and behaviour of the brain."]]"

The human brain is undoubtedly the most complex structure of the known Universe...!


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