Tuesday, December 2, 2008

INTERESTING connotations in Names and History.

Dolly,Polly & Molly...!

Name of sheep cloned...!!!

The first mammal successfully cloned — Dolly, a sheep — was born in 1996 in Scotland as the result of work by biologist Ian Wilmut (see clone). The procedure that produced Dolly involved removing the nucleus from an egg cell and placing the nucleus of an adult sheep's mammary cell into it. Further manipulations caused the egg to “turn on” all genes and develop like a normal zygote. (See totipotency.)
Dol"ly\, n. A child's mane for a doll.
Dolly shop, a shop where rags, old junk, etc., are bought and sold; usually, in fact, an unlicensed pawnbroker's shop, formerly distinguished by the sign of a black doll. [England]

1. Informal. a doll.
a female given name, form of Doll.
Also, Dollie

fem. proper name, a rhyming collateral form of Molly, pet form of Mary.

Slang: Often Offensive. a male homosexual.
fem. proper name, O.E. Maria, Marie, "mother of Jesus," from L. Maria, from Gk. Mariam, Maria, from Aram. Maryam, from Heb. Miryam, sister of Moses (Ex. xv.), of unknown origin, said to mean lit. "rebellion." Nursery rhyme "Mary had a Little Lamb" written early 1830 by Sarah Josepha Hale of Boston; published Sept. 1830 in "Juvenile Miscellany," a popular magazine for children. Mary Jane is 1921 as the proprietary name of a kind of low-heeled shoe worn chiefly by young girls, 1928 as slang for marijuana.

In the New Testament, a sister of Lazarus and Martha and a "friend" of Jesus.

a female given name, form of Mary or Milicent.
Molly also mollie:
Any of several tropical and subtropical live-bearing fishes of the genus Poecilia or Mollienesia, commonly kept in aquariums.
Mol"ly\, n. A pet or colloquial name for Mary.

A song: "...mother Mary...!, ...let it be...!, ...let it be...!"...
"...the beatles...!" (beat---less)



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