Friday, December 5, 2008

Inanimate Life at Conception...!

Inanimate Life at Conception...!
Frozen Embryos...!

True "human" life then must begin when
there are brain "electronic wave" activity
and the baby's heart starts "beating"...!

Or is it really, all said and done, until
"B-R-E-A-TH" !?
[*]By week 6 to 8, the human embryo starts
to have "brain waves".
[*By week 9 to 11, the human embryo,
hick-ups] and can turn its head,
and can "breathe" amniotic fluid...!

So Catholic and Christians or other ill-fated
concepts of Pro-life and the "sanctity" of
life, is obviously a "myth"...! As freezing
embryos nearly 80% are successful,
this success disproves any "divine"
intervention, or "un-holiness", as such.

For how long can these specially frozen
"embryos", be kept, in this, inanimate
state, of life being "stopped" in time...!?
It is only allowed for up to 10 years...!

Or is it that the spirit is "frozen in time"...!?
What a joke...! ...! ...! For religions, there is
an answer for all, the same as evolution.
The spirit has not indwelt the baby yet...!
To evolution, there is no other explanation,
than matter, and cell "division"...!

I am not pro-life, and I believe in a "humane
abortion, anesthetized", until "breath" and "birth"...!
I simply believe that it is more humane to
not bring a "unwanted" child to this World of
suffering, than to do so...! Under all scenarios
possible...! Not because of what nature's
sufferings might cause inexorably, but what
other "humans" might do...!

But facts are facts...!


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